The building in the middle of the picture is the original Villa Capri Restaurant located on Moosic Street along the Route 307 "Quarter Mile".

The Villa Capri Cruisers Car Club Inc. was formed in 1994, named after the Villa Capri Restaurant located on Moosic Street in Scranton. This was an old hang-out for many of the club members in the late 50's and early 60's. If you had a hot car back then this is where you went to show off your machine. Next to the Villa Capri was an ACME market; this also was a gathering spot for performance buffs in the late 60's. Right up the road on Rt. 307 there is the famous Quarter Mile. This was the site that men and some ladies where separated from boys and girls. 

In the spring of 1994, the word went out to anyone who hung around at these sites in years past to meet at the Doughnut Shop on the top of Moosic Street at a prescribed date and time. The turnout was well beyond the expectation of the organizers. This was all it took and the rest is history. To date the Villa Capri Cruisers Car Club Inc. is over 60 members strong. 

​The Villa Capri Cruisers Car Club Inc. hosts a variety of events for both promotion and charity. The car show on Father’s Day has become a very successful annual event attracting as many as 750 show cars and thousands of spectators. The club also develops a calendar of events which lists shows and cruise nights for other car clubs in the area.

The club is a 501c(3) non-profit charitable corporation.

Board of Directors:

President – Joe Carra
Vice President - Sal Pizzo
2nd Vice President - Mike Greenstein
Secretary – Dave Thomas
Treasurer – Luke Casterline
​Active Board Members: Joe Nasser, Compliance Officer, Mike Macedonia, Tommy Jimmie, Seymour Kurzweil, Tony Veno, ​Mike Sporer, Richard Mroczka, Frank Valvano, Ray Coolbaugh, Butch Pagotto, Nick Tielli

Our Informational Brochure

A Plaque from one of our first shows at Nay Aug. Thanks to Leo Kelleher for this image.

Another shot of the Villa Capri Restaurant from the late 50's.

Pal's Restaurant on Moosic Street became a hang-out for the car guys of the 1960's after the Villa Capri Restaurant closed.  The muscle car era was in full swing then, and the quarter mile was used frequently.